50 Yard Rolls #9 Holiday Ribbon Sale!

Red, White, Green Seed Lights
6'6" - 20 Lights w/ Timer
4.4 oz. Water Crackers

Winter &  Holiday Candle Asst.

1.4 oz Walkers Shortbread Cookies

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Our Motto

4 oz.
Caramel Crunch Popcorn
1.5 oz. Cheese Straws
Premium Assorted Chocolates
8 oz., Milk & Dark Asst., 15 Pieces
2 oz. Cheese Bars
Sheer Red Metallic
X501640-232 Dark Red Linen
3 Asst., 18-inch

"We know you cannot be all things to all people all of the time. We just want to help you be as much as possible, as often as possible, to as many as possible”.

Dark Red Canvas
I Heart Myrtles Heart Box
6 oz., 7.25" x 7"
Silver Oval Planter
21.5" x 5.25" Opening x 6.75" Tall


4.4 oz. Festive Star Walker Shortbread
Stained Wood Chalkboard Stands
2 Asst., 19.5"
Love Box Chocolate Chip
3 oz. Giant Cookie, 5-inch
1.4 oz. Claey's Kettle Fresh Fudge
Metal Ornament w/ Frame
 3 Asst. 11-inch


Elf Hat Decor Pics
2 Asst., 19"

2.5 oz Holiday Spice Cookie
2 oz Holiday Sugar Cookies
4 Colors - 4 Sizes Asst. 12, 13, 15, & 17” interior Dimensions, Hard Liners Included 



.27 oz Mulling Spices
4 oz.
 White Fudge
w/ Almonds Popcorn
10 oz Peanut Brittle
Natural Wood Baskets w/Handles
Set of 2, Rectangle
8" & 10" w/Liners
White Sheer w/ Champagne Swirl
1.4 oz. Biscoff European Cookies

50 Yard Rolls #40 Holiday Ribbon Sale!

Teddy Bear Chocolates Red Box, 6.5 oz., 9" x 5"

​Shimmering Silver Planters Collection

4 oz. Focaccia Crackers
Grey Satin w/ Sparkling White Snowflakes
Silver Oval Tray
8.5" x 19.5" Opening x 3" Tall
6 oz. White Confection Snowflakes

Chalkboard Decor Sale!

Shimmering Merry Christmas Ornament
2 Asst., 12" & 18-inch

Birch Washed  Wood  Planters

Holiday Decoration Sale!

5 oz. Sausage Asst.
Pearl & Tulle Birds w/ Clip Orn.
3 Asst., 2" x 3.5"
Chalkboard Stands Red/Green
2 Asst., 19.5"

Willow Basket Assortment

1.25 oz Holiday Cocoa Asst
X501540-124 Red, Emerald, Gold Holiday Plaid
Caramel Lover's Heart Box
6 oz., 7.25" x 7"
Kiss Box Chocolate Cookie
3 oz. Giant Cookie, 5-inch
Caramel Hearts
Red Box, 7 oz., 9" x 5
4.4 oz. Dolcetto Vanilla Wafer Rolls
Olive Green Metallic

Roses & Chocolates the Perfect Pair!

Sweetheart Chocolate Assortment

3.5 oz. Spreadable Cheese Asst.
White Wash Chalkboard Picks
3 Asst., 6.5" x 4",
Pick 20-inch

Wood & Wire Basket Sale!

.4 oz Lindt Snowman Truffles
Winter Scene Wood Planter
9" Rectangle, w/Liner
Walnut Stained Crosses,
2 asst. 12"    

Holiday Gourmet Food Assortment

6 oz. Milk Chocolate Trinkets

Make your Valentine’s Day a huge success, by bundling!

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LED 6.6 ft. String of Lights Twinkle * Steady On Timer

Sheer Silver Metallic

Hand Dyed * Soy Blend Wax * Double Wicked *  20 oz. * Large Jar * 120 hr. + Burn Time

                                                              24 Assorted Fragrances in a case

Gourmet Food Baskets

Great Corporate Gifts
Bereavement Gifts
Hospital Gifts
Birthday Gifts
Thanksgiving Gifts
and so Much More!
Red Wood/Wire Basket w/Bow & Bell, 13.5" Oval

Call 1-800-822-2765 for Pricing

Gold Metallic
1 oz. Ghirardelli Holiday Bags Asst
Antique White Wood Planter
10.25" Rectangle, w/Liner
X501640-228 Natural Linen w/ Holly Berries
Chocolate Cookie Pink Heart Box
7 oz., Chocolate Cookies
Red Green Gold Stripe Metallic

Ceramic Cylinder Vase Collection

1.4 oz.  Mini Mustards Asst.
Sheer Gold Metallic
Silver Metallic

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Antique White Wood Planter
7.5" Square, w/Liner

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1.5 oz.  Mini Jellies & Preserves
1.5 oz Holiday Perfect Potful Coffee
4 oz.
 Caramel Fudge Popcorn
Red Green Gold Sheer Metallic Stripe
Silver Oval Planter
15" x 4.75" Opening x 5" Tall
Walnut Stained Crosses,
3 asst. 8.5"    

Red Wood/Wire Basket w/Bow & Bell, Set of 3 Oval

Beautiful Textured Ceramic Vases resembling hammered metal!    Assorted in Copper, Gold & Silver 8-inch, 10-inch & 12-inches tall